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♚ Homra's Sales & Japan Shopping Service ♚

Hello Everyone, there are a lot of cheap sales for Doujinshi, and other merchandise on my LiveJournal, you're welcome to take a look and check if there is anything you like. I give discounts if you're interested in buying more than one item. The items posted on my LiveJournal are all in stock items, for special orders from Japan please go to my Tumblr instead. There are many more items that have not been posted on there that I have in stock right now so you're welcome to follow and know when updates are made.

Website: Homra's Shopping Service - LiveJournal

Currently In Stock:
  • K Project
  • Kuroko No Basket
  • Durarara!!
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • NO.6
  • Final Fantasy
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Magi The Labyrinth of Magic
For special orders you're more than welcome to head to my Tumblr, there I post updates for group orders, and event orders all the time. There are also discounts that I give no and then for those who place orders from any anime website in Japan. I accept rders from any website in Japan, and from any series. To find out more information and sale terms please go over to the website. If you have any questions feel free to send a message at any time. You can also follow us if you have your own Tumblr and keep up with daily updates that are posted.

Website: Homra's Japan Shopping Service - Tumblr

Yaoi Manga Sales on eBay ♥

Hello guys,

I'm getting rid of my Yaoi collection and have put the whole lot up on eBay.

There is just over 1 day left to bid!

Manga includes Finder vol 1 & 2, Sky Link, Even More Beautiful Lie and lots more!

I also have some very rare Teahouse keychains of Linneus and Xanthe!


Yaoi for sale!

*As of this moment I will only ship within the UK, sorry!
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Brand Zess XX Sales & Doujinshi Pick Up Service Updated!

kurobasu yaoi

Hello, we have updated a lot of our sales on our official sales page, and on our doujinshi pick up service. Lot's of new doujinshi has been released from many fandoms, specially Kuroko No Basket  in case that is something your interested then don't miss your chance on all the great doujinshi available to order straight from Japan, for more information about our service, updates, or group/event orders just click here on Brand Zess XX Doujinshi Index Sales.

For other Japanese anime sales they can be found here on our official sales website, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DIRECT LINK ON OUR POST. We have just updated lot's of new items, from Magi, Arcana Famiglia, Starry Sky, Uta No Prince Sama, Tiger & Bunny, Hakuouki & much more can be found under"Japan Sales" so just click to see more items there. You will be able to find posters, magazines, promo cards, and other things all from Japan. If you have any questions just send us a message here or on our website, if you like to buy something just send us a message as well.

"We give discounts to big orders, and if you like to give us offers on items you are more than welcome to send us a message with the item or items you are interested and send us an offer"

Wishlist: Always looking for Kuroko No Basket Merchandise that I don't own yet~!
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Brand Zess XX Sale: 7 Men Zippo & Kuroko No Basket Doujinshi

Feeling. 7 Men Zippo Aomine x Kise


I have been able to get hold of a few rare doujinshi for sale. There is the new 7 Men Zippo releases from this month which include a new fandom: Kuroko No Basket. The art is absolutly stunning as always. There is also other circles here which include, ESplus that came out with a great doujinshi as well for this month. For details just go to my LiveJournal Brand Zess XX Doujinshi. Please read the rules before buying. All of the doujinshi for sale is available unless marked or stated otherwise. If it's not mark as sold then it is available. For other sales please go to [www.brandzess.com]. I accept offers on all items listed here, so feel free to make one if you find anything you might want.

If you have any questions or are interested in buying any of the following doujinshi just contact me here or leave me a comment. I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for looking~

- Brand Zess XX
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Auction: CLAP Anthology Circle: 7 Men Zippo Paring: Hibari x Tsuna 1827

Auction Ends:

Tuesday 07/10/2012 (Midnight 12:00 AM PST)


Tittle: CLAP (Shiny Cover)
Author: Kamishima Akira
Circle: 7Men Zippo
Pages: Approx: 256 (Very Thick)
Rated: 18+ Explicit Content

Stories Included: Seaside, Pure, Nurses Office, White Day (& More)

Condition: Brand New (Pictures were taken very carefully and pages were not scanned in order to keep the book away from any damage)

Auction Rules:

1. Bids start at $1.00 Dollar, Also This is a Members Only Auction. (Must Join To See This Auction) 
2. By bidding you understand all the sale terms, and rules. By placing your bid you are stating that your ready to purchase the item by the bid amount stated on your comment, plus any shipping and PayPal fees charges disclosed in the listing.
3. Unless outbid you are entering a contract with me to buy the item and deliver payment by the time period specified.  Your bids are final and non-retractable.
4. I encourage you to ask questions before bidding if you are unsure of anything please!


1. Will only accept payment via PayPal for this auction.
2. Will give up to 7 Days to clear payment for the item you have bid. ( If you happen to need a bit longer let me know)
3.  I have no problem being send half the amount first, and then sending the other half if you need a few more days to send the full amount. (I had customers pay me this way before without problems countless of times)
4. Very important to know you decide how you want to send me the payment via PayPal. 
  • You send payment to my PayPal the normal way with PayPal fees included.
  • I send you an Invoice from my PayPal with PayPal fees, and shipping charges.
  • You send payment to PayPal as "Personal Gift" to avoid PayPal Charges.

1. Will ship Worldwide, no matter the place or country as long as you pay the shipping. Will Include Free Tracking to order inside USA when shipped.
  • USA Shipping Charges: $6.00 Dollars
  • International Shipping Charges: $9.50 Dollars

Other Sales just go to my official website, www.brandzess.com
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Yaoi Sale 2011

  • Rules:

Payments: I accept, PAYPAL, as for other type of payment please contact me.

Shipping: I ship all items Worldwide, shipping inside USA is a lot cheaper, than outside of USA for me. Always leave me either your zip code, or name of country to be able to tell you the shipping price, thanks.

IMPORTANT: I am accepting OFFERS on ALL ITEMS! If you are interested on anything message me & we can work something out!
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Anime Sale & Wishlist 2011

Otaku 2011 Sale

*Brand New Items

*Bleach, Vampire Knight, Togainu No Chi, Lamento, Code Geass, Ao No Exorcist, Baka To Test, Persona 4, Gintama, Final Fantasy, Yaoi Artbooks, Durarara! Yaoi Doujinshi, Posters: Tiger & Bunny, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Momogumi Plus Senki, Kyo Kara Maoh, Folders, Shitajiki, PVC Figures, Anime, Artwork.

  • squilf

Fic: Regrets and Repairs (1/1)

Title: Regrets and Repairs
Author: Squilf 
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Doctor/Rory (Amy/Rory)
Rating: K+ (9+)
Words: 4, 336
Summary: Rory and the Doctor do something they live to regret, due to an inexorable chain of events. This includes the Doctor being provocative, Rory not being able to sleep, and making tea - not in that order. Rory/Doctor mild slash/friendship/bromance.
Spoilers: Set during series 6 of Doctor Who.
Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who, the Doctor and Rory would cuddle a hell of a lot more.

Read it here!
Harriet Jones: Former Prime Minister

Selling my doujinshi!

Doujinshi from FF7, DeathNote, Gravitation, Phoenix Wright, Yami no Matsuei, and one lonely Inu Yasha book.

Mostly yaoi, ages 18+ only please.

Everything is in great condition as I've probably only looked at them about 4 times in the 5+ years I've had them.

Each book is $10.00(including the ones I paid 35 for) +shipping and order delivery confirmation. Order delivery confirmation is usually $0.70.

Paypal and money orders are awesome. Just leave me a comment/PM with the series and number you would like along with your shipping zip code. I'll check the shipping estimate through USPS and let you know what it would be.

I would mail your book out to you the Friday after payment is processed.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hopefully, I'll have an easier time moving now :D

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